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Mind-body Wellness Consulting by Kali Jennifer Patrick

Picture of Kali Jennifer Patrick In 1998 I began including yoga into my exercise routine purely to increase my flexibility, and exploring meditation to help offset the stress of a high-tech, corporate job. Over fifteen years later, I finally recognized just how much more there was to wellness, and experienced first-hand the benefits of self-care and slowing down.


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6 Weeks to Relaxation:
Weekly group starting July 2. See flyer for details and info about how to sign up.

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Learn how to breathe more deeply and fully in this week's video series. Start by viewing part 1 (3mins).

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Yoga image Gentle & Flow Yoga--find strength, flexibility, and focus you didn't know you had. Learn what works for YOUR body. Beginners and all levels.
Meditation image Meditation & Mindfulness--Reduce stress by increasing concentration & focus in a way that's suited to your temperament and lifestyle.
Reiki image Reiki Relaxation--explore an energy healing, which helps release physical, mental, and emotional blockages, relaxing the entire body and mind.
Nutrition image Eating Psychology--realize your nutrition and weight loss goals by learning about the mind-body connection and changing your relationship with food.

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We can either find a place and time to get together, or meet virtually. First time clients get a discount, as do folks who refer friends and family.

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